Be the change

I began this blog site to augment a writing challenge I initiated while a member of the Unchained Writer Group. This group’s creator, Joseph Michael, offers courses, coaching and support to writers of all genres.

September 29, 2020

There comes a moment when the student must become the teacher. A time when the consumer must learn to produce. Though there are many, many reasons to complain about where the world finds itself today, we must stand back and view our future from a distance.

We would do well to look back on our past, because what you and I have experienced is not what our children and grandchildren will see.

We stand at the threshold of infinite possibility.

Author: Hillary Volk

I started writing when I was seven, and my ultimate goal was to become a published author. I've partially satisfied this desire by keeping a journal for most of my life. After graduating from Rutgers University, I worked in a large accounting firm as a knowledge manager, which honed my research skills on the newly developing internet. The study of Natural Health and Hygiene has been a passion of mine for over 40 years and I have a particular interest in the connection between behavior and nutrition. This knowledge was immensely helpful during the time I cared for my mother at home until her death in 2016, when I discovered a relationship between ADHD and dementia. I'm currently retired and writing Bread Madness, a book which I hope will help to change our institutionally driven culture into one that is more supportive and compassionate toward the elderly.

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