Writing Aids

Unchained Writer

I learned about Unchained Writer and its founder, Joseph Michael, a few years ago when I searched the internet for, ‘the best software for writers.’ I bought a highly recommended program, but initially found it a little too confusing to switch from my old pal, Microsoft Word, to this multi-faceted treasure chest of functions.

It was only when I signed up for a free webinar from the guru of that program, The Scrivener Coach, that I understood the power behind that little $49 bit of software! Little did I know at that time that also he hosts an award-winning membership program. Unchained Writer has done more for my productivity than years of Day-Timer scheduling and a lifetime of trying to overcome writing procrastination.

I’m sure that I speak for our entire UW group when I say that unlike other courses and books that take you by the hand and teach you skills that are promptly forgotten after the course ends or the book is finished, Unchained Writer helps you to develop the self-mastery to complete your personal writing goals.

You get out of it what you put into it.
That’s what Life is all about anyway, isn’t it? With Joseph Michael’s program, you are in the company of other serious writers and moderators who encourage one another each and every day that you connect. The program’s strategy is to give you the tools and resources to accomplish your goals. Each day, members are provided with quality materials that enrich their knowledge and increase their confidence.

My own experience with Unchained Writer is that I can no longer find any excuse not to write daily and achieve my objectives. The common lament that I have no time, or talent, or knowledge of technology, or software, or that someone else’s needs come before mine – they just no longer apply because of the psychology and philosophy Joseph Michael used to craft his program.

My mother often quoted from various books and movies, and one of her favorites was from Star Wars.

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” — Yoda

We’ve heard it before. But somehow, with Unchained Writer, the lesson sticks. I wish she was still around to see me now!