Who do you trust?

I have a dear friend who is about as knowledgeable as they come when discussing topics of great importance, and I rely on her to make me aware of things that I might not normally seek out.

Nina Anderson, a former corporate jet pilot, author of 18 books and CEO of Safe Goods Publishing, is an intelligent and passionate maverick-a trailblazer of sorts-who is not afraid to speak out for what she believes. And what she believes is based on tireless study and impeccable research, coupled with a lifetime of sifting through the rubble of conflicting information for kernels of truth.

Nina has long been a canary in the mine about important subjects such as air and water pollutants, electromagnetic frequency and the dangers of wave technology. I trust her judgement. So when she sent me the attached article today to read entitled, 5G Wireless Hazards, by Barbara Koeppel for the Washington Spectator, I settled into a comfy chair and prepared to be educated.

I read it aloud slowly so that I would understand every word and timed myself. It took me about an hour. I read the full article FOR YOU, because I doubt that even one of you will take the time to do so. The article contains lots of names and dates and things that I won’t remember, but the gist of it is this:

“If you think your cellphone is safe, have you considered why you believe that? Is it a fact, or is it based on carefully crafted messages that you’ve read or heard?”

Barbara Koeppel

Haven’t we had enough of people telling us what to think and believe? Haven’t we all agreed that we need to ‘follow the money’ in order to find out what’s true? Recent events have shown us how lies can percolate, and even the little white ones can come back to haunt us! Corporations are not going to save us. We know that their over-arching concern is not to us but to their ‘bottom line.’ We must be our own fact-checkers.

There are some very disturbing quotes in the attached article which illustrate how scientists HAVE PROVED that radiation from 5G and wireless technology is real and tangible, but companies (I won’t name them here) have withdrawn support when the outcome reveals that technologies are unsafe. Similar to the tobacco industry’s campaigns, these manufacturers have conducted major misinformation campaigns to lie and minimize or eliminate negative results to keep the truth from us-all for the love of money.

Perhaps you can scan it a little. Or read the excerpt from The Scientific Alliance for Education (S.A.F.E.), which I have included below, and take a few minutes to seriously think about it.

Do this for your children and grandchildren, if not for yourselves. There are many things we need to self-educate ourselves about in this age of paid surveys and funded studies.

Trust me. This is one of them.

Here’s the ‘Cliff Notes’ version from The Scientific Alliance for Education (SAFE):

5G technology uses millimeter waves, along with microwaves (the type in current devices). Because 5G waves can only travel short distances, antennas and towers need to be installed every 300 to 600 feet on every block across the country, to receive and send signals. And this, Philips says, “increases the exposures exponentially.”

Joel Moskowitz, director of the Center for Family and Community Health at the University of California, Berkeley, says “because the technology is so new, we have no way to know about the long-term health effects. But we do know that millimeter waves are absorbed in our skin and on the cornea and can harm the immune, nervous, and cardiovascular systems.

And the original article from the Washington Spectator: